Mark Ryden Ir 2021. Jaunu Lietusmētelis Vīriešu Soma 15.6 Collu Klēpjdatoru Ūdens Necaurlaidīga Vīriešu Mugursoma Melnā Daudzfunkciju Ultravieglajiem Biznesa Soma

€45.58 €20.97 Piegāde par brīvu

Tagi: soma mark ryden, mlitary portatīvo datoru mugursoma, Mugursoma, klēpjdatora soma 15 6 collu vīrietis, gu sling bag vīriešiem, mi vīriešiem mugursoma, mugursoma vīriešiem, vīriešu mēteļu, bagpack vīriešiem, mugursoma melnās sievietes.


  • Oderes Materiāls: Poliestera
  • Zīmola Nosaukums: mark ryden
  • Technics: Žakarda
  • Uzskaites Sistēma: Fizioloģisko Līkne Atpakaļ
  • Rokturis/Siksna Tips: Mīksts Rokturis
  • Ārpuse: NAV
  • Vienuma Tips: Mugursomas
  • Mugursomas Tipa: Softback
  • Jauda: Zem 20 Litri
  • Lietus Pārsegs: Jā
  • Stils: Biznesā
  • Modeļa Numurs: MR9491
  • Slēgšanas Tips: rāvējslēdzēju
  • Modelis Tips: Cietie
  • Izcelsme: KN(Izcelsmes valsts)
  • Galvenais Materiāls: Poliestera
  • Interjers: Interjera Slots Kabatas
  • Apdare: NAV
  • Dzimums: Unisex



Novērtējums: 3 out of 5 (2 votes)

Refine76 2020-12-27

I order already the second time a backpack from this brand. Really like it. I'll tell you at once, there's a delivery complaint, namely, the left track number, but after the first order, I calmed down and tracked already through 17track, the one that they then send to the LS. Of course there was a lot of panic... In my first order not only what track left, so still order received status goods delivered literally in 4 days as confirmed shipment, of course, I did not receive anything, opened a dispute, the seller responded quickly, gave a new number, I asked you to wait until the defense was in operation, I decided not to hurry, I received the goods and did not even excite this conversation, as the quality was very satisfied. To justify the seller in this situation say one, their online store sells the same goods almost 2 times more expensive, maybe it is because of this that they have such attitude to customers with AliExpress, in addition to the low price, we still use discounts and coupons, which, according to marketers, are often compensated by the seller.

Mjuvankoski 2020-09-13

The seller did not want to send a backpack with a discount on a large coupon. Attached the wrong tracking address and type such well sent. The dispute returned the money, but the sedimentation remained.

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